Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things that made me VERY happy in 2012

The arrival of my youngest friend Charlotte.
She'll graduate from high school in 2030.
She'll graduate from college in 2035 (there's a gap year to backpack around Yurp.)

I'm already planning to teach her how to say "one more story" just to keep her parents on their toes!


Ali Trotta said...

She is adorable. And I love the name Charlotte. Thank you for sharing!

lora96 said...


Also, my toddler's favorite word is "again"...just teach her that.

Claude Nougat said...

As the Italians say (I live in Rome) "Tanti Auguri" to lovely Charlotte!

And Have a Happy Boomer Holiday!

I say boomer (not only because I am one but because I wrote a baby boomer novel or BB novel). Yes, BB lit is a new genre, a pendant to YA, only it's on the other side of "maturity"...and I'm betting it'll catch on in 2013 like wildfire (there are 78 million boomers out there)! It has already started with a dedicated group on Goodreads.

So there you are: have a Merry Boomer Christmas and get a BB novel for the boomer in your life!

Michael Seese said...

Remember: always buy presents that are really loud and require a lot of batteries.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I love the schedule, including planning in advance for the gap year. Good move there. Charlotte is a great name. My poor son got named after Captain Kirk--I just have to hope he doesn't hate me for it. He's 18 months old now, bi-lingual, and my favorite picture of him so far is a shot of him trying to pick up one of my dumbbells (only 15 pounds, but still.) He looks just like one of the normal dudes trying to pick up Thor's hammer. Do I have any advice? Hmmm. Decide early if you want her anywhere near iPads and iPhones and such. My son spends way too much time watching Youtube videos and videos of himself. No idea what this will mean, developmentally. Well, we hope for the best! Happy holidays, happy new year, and best of everything to Charlotte.