Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Friday, December 28, 2012

Did you miss it?

Did you miss Lee Child's cameo in Jack Reacher?

Here's a helpful hint from Mystery Scene magazine about where it is in the movie!


cathylea said...

Love the caption - Reacher Meets His Maker. I hope He was pleased with what he saw.

Amanda Capper said...

I'm being stubborn. I refuse to watch a 5 foot how-ever-many-inches Jack Reacher. I'd rather keep my own image of Jack.

Michael Seese said...

I didn't see the movie, but I always appreciate a good cameo. One of my favorites is John Irving in "Garp."

Anita said...

What?! I didn't notice at the theater...can't wait to tell Husband. Thanks for sharing this fun fact!

Brigid Kemmerer said...

What a great movie! I heard Lee Child speak at Bouchercon in Baltimore a few years back, and he seemed like such a cool guy. I'm not a thriller reader, but seeing the movie totally made me want to read the books.

french sojourn said...

Yeah, I can imagine Tom Cruise pulling off 6'4", 250, ex MP?
Why, cose we know King Kong was 3 feet tall. Christ on a bike!