Tuesday, September 25, 2012


You've seen all the kids with WWJD wristbands right?

WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do. It's intended to keep you on the straight and narrow path.

Of course, some people have had some fun with the concept.

Well, I now have one that says "WDGS?"

After this post by Gary Corby, and the other one he did about the Higgs particle, it's clear that after I read the news my only question now is What Does Gary Say?

45 of the great things about my job are the clients -- smart, articulate, hilarious!  Man oh man, I love my job!


Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

Oh, agreed! Gary is my new Hero of Research and Explaining Things. :D

SundaySoup said...

My cats think those rubber bracelets are the best toys EVER made. Make sure you hide yours from the Rental Cat. Our cats have a rainbow one that says Free Tibet. Hippie cats!

Angie Brooksby said...

It is good to read someone doubting the credibility of an ancient artifact. I'd never thought about that.

I like the shark with the tiara on gary's blog.

Teresa Robeson said...

I generally go by Agent Mulder's advice to trust no one; even Herodotus' words are not sacred to me.

I'm happy to have discovered Gary through your blog though - any guy who can write so lucidly on the disparate topics of history and quantum physics is worth becoming a fan of.

Stephanie said...

I missed the original article by Gary, so thanks for giving us the link. He explained a very complicated idea, clearly. As the proud parent of a physicist at CERN, I know how hard this stuff is to understand. I need a WDGS bracelet too.

Michael Seese said...

My comment on Gary's blog:

"The excitement is something of a media beat up, because that scrap was first translated by a German scholar about thirty years ago. Nobody got too upset back then."

That's one of the things I found amusing about the "Da Vinci Code." The idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and had children had been around since...well, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Why was Langdon's mission seen as a potentially Church-shaking revelation? It had been revealed, and ignored / discredited for centuries.

Michael Seese said...

As a humorous aside, I always laugh when I see a "WWJD" bumper sticker.

What would Jesus do?

Freak out!

"Ahhhh! I don't know how to drive this thing...."

Gary Corby said...

I'm not sure I'd trust that dodgy Gary character on Biblical Coptic scholarship, but here's where I have an edge: a writer has to pick up on all sorts of unusual topics really quickly, and then write characters who are supposed to be experts on the subject.

That's the essence of book research!