Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crowbar applied, Sugarland here I come

What does a crowbar look like?

Well, this.

And this:

When the Houston Writing Guild conference needed an agent at the last minute, I was glad to say "you bet" cause that's the group my Fabulous Stephanie Evans belongs to

and on my last trip to Houston I had a rollicking good time.

So yes, I'm headed to Houston for this conference

I'm not sure yet what they're going to have me do, but you can bet that gnawing will be involved. Blood, screams, and bourbon too.

Really, what more could you ask for!


Terri Lynn Coop said...

Ohhhhh, now this one I might be able to make. *scampers off to website*

Wry Wryter said...

Oh my tumbleweed.
You betta’ watch out for fire ants, men in big hats and funny boots. Never kiss a guy with heels higher than yours and no ridin’ side-saddle, that’s for wimps. Remember darlin’ you’re an eastern girl from the big city show them how we buck broncos up north.

NotaWarriorPrincess said...

Those shark pugs are freaking hilarious.

Kelly Matherly-Urban said...

Glad you're headed our way! Looking forward to meeting you.

Lilas Taha said...

I met you briefly at Stephanie's book launch. Looking forward to having a longer conversation with you.