Thursday, June 28, 2012

When the world needs writers most

Watching the Colorado fires that have devastated homes and habitats.

Image by Rick Wilking / Reuters

Toni McGee Causey talks about the need for writers in time of trouble better than I ever could.


Chro said...

The first novel I wrote never sold (and probably didn't deserve to be).

However, I did give it to a friend who requested it when she was going through a tough time. She came back afterward to tell me that reading it had let her escape the stress she was going through for the first time in weeks.

Because of that, I consider it a successful novel.

Wry Wryter said...

Chro...the mantra is...if only my writing can help ONE person , make a difference in ONE person's life than I am a success. Chro, you are indeed a successful writer.

Cristin Bruggeman said...

I am in Colorado Springs, and it is CRAZY. I've been washing clothes for refugees who are camping at my church, and my heart is so broken for them. Their houses might still be there, might not. Yesterday some ashes blew into my friend's yard, and it was clearly a page of someone's book (you could still see the charred text). Thank you for this post. Thank you for this post. Next time I drive into town with clothes and bottled water I'm totally bringing a pile of books too.

Wry Wryter said...

I was so struck by the photo telling so much more than a thousand words.
How can anyone explain what it is like to lose everything? We are at the mercy of forces beyond our countrol...ants on a hot sidewalk all.