Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ben Leroy is Lex Luthor

Yes it's true. Aren't you glad you read this blog to find out all the good publishing news?

Ben Leroy hates superman.  (Small s.)

He says it more cogently over on his blog post at Dead Guy: "If your protagonist is conveniently shiny and skilled" he's boring.

There's some other good stuff here too. Take a look.  Then scuff up your hero, and put him in some genuine hot water, and accessorize him with a sidekick who isn't called "honey."


Kiersi said...

Ben Leroy is a rockstar! If I could remember some of the snarky, hilarious things he said to me when we met up in PDX a few months ago, I'd put them here. Just imagine that I did.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a better person for having met Ben. A better friend to authors and readers there is not.

Elisabeth Black said...

The comments on that post are fairly brilliant too.