Monday, May 28, 2012

i may be closed to queries but I've got my eye fixed on these guys!

My scouts report some darn good writers can be found in interesting places!

I'm particularly interested in this young guy here: "His story “The Fly and His Lunch,”  is told from the first-person perspective of a very, very hungry fly."


Bill Cameron said...

“The Fly and His Lunch” is a wonderful story! All these kids are amazing and talented. This has been a real treat for me.

Christine said...

What great stories these kids are writing--I love the idea of a very, very hungry fly (first-person, course). Thanks for doing this Rae and Bill--and OWC!

P. J. Casselman said...

It's wonderful to see kids inspired to let their imaginations flow onto paper. I recently read one from a twelve year old girl who wrote about being a ninja fish. It gave sushi a whole new meaning. :)