Saturday, April 14, 2012

Update #16

Three five six seven eight nine finalists.

You'll meet them all, starting Sunday at 9am.

If you're not a finalist, you were tenth. Trust me.


Amanda said...

So does this mean that the finalists already know they are finalists?

Stephanie Garber said...

@Amanda--that was the same question I had!

Either way, thanks for the update, Janet!

Unknown said...

Blogger will probably eat this too -- it's eaten every attempt so far -- but thank you. This has been an epic, hilarious, kick-in-the-pants motivator as well as a great and wonderful thing for you and Liz and all of your exhausted judges to do. I'd never sent a manuscript to a contest before and haven't queried in several years. I'm motivated now. Who knew anxiety and delight could mix so well?

Lydia said...

Resignation and Fortitude; two tools writers cannot be caught without.

Resignation to make it through the constant rejections, and fortitude to keep writing despite them.

Regardless of the outcome, it has been an honor and privilege to be included among such a fine group of writers.

We need neither fortitude nor resignation on this glad occasion, now do we?

Good writing, Janet said. Great writers, she added.

We all win.

LN said...

@ Lydia- I couldn't agree more! Well said!

Charley said...

I second that, Lydia. Or 222nd it. Thanks so much to Liz Norris, you Janet, and all the other judges. What a trip!

Annie C said...

Congratulations to everyone who entered. Thank you to Janet, Liz and all the readers.

NicW said...

Congratulations to the finalists! It's been quite a trip :-)

Thanks so much for making this possible, Janet

Polly said...

WOOT! Tenth! My dream come true! I couldn't have done it without all you little people. I'd like to thank my agent...oh wait.

Janet, thank you so much for hosting and all the immensely hard and time-consuming work you've put into this. It's been a time to remember.

Excited to read Liz's book, excited to see you have a good year.

Thanks so much, it's meant more than I can say.

SueJ said...

Okay, well I'm overwhelmed. I have been reading people's blogs and websites and I am thinking I must be a slacker. I think I am out of my league here -- not surprising, I know. It has been amazing to try to get my feet wet with looking into publishing, but maybe I am in way over my head. At least I am comforted to know that I have had a great run with some really sensational people and I can see where Janet and her readers had a difficult time choosing. What an amazing group. Congrats to all those who made it as a finalist and a super well done to all those in tenth place.

Judith Gonda said...

Fun times. Thanks, Janet and Transylvanians, for your efforts. And thanks to all the entertaining contestants who have commented on this blog. It's been a fun ride.

Judith Gonda said...

And tenth place gets a query critique, right? If you never thought sharks scream...

Rick Anderson said...

Janet, maybe run your own conference for the 400? Talk about guaranteed client base.

Rick Anderson said...

Wait, um, this contest was for unpublished author's first novels? As in very first, right?

Janet Reid said...

Rick...unpublished writers. How many novels you have under your coffin is not my concern.

Rick Anderson said...

Janet, i keep those in a hole in the avocado tree out back.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I assume 'meet' them means we get to hear their answers to the questions previously posted, yes? I'm excited. :) This will be fun. Congratulations to all nine finalists!

Jessa Russo (Stadtler) said...

Well, it was my first novel, period, Rick. And I thought the same thing.

As Sue said, I too am feeling way out of my league.

I'm so happy to have been able to participate though. Sue, out of our league or not, we have to keep going. Don't give up. I won't if you won't! :-)

Thanks so much, Janet and Liz and all the other mysterious judges! This has been a nail-biting adventure for sure!

PS. My next query will FINALLY have something in the bio section: "Took tenth place in the Liz Norris Pay It Forward Contest!"

Lisa Gomley said...


I was just wondering if there was any significance to your numbering of finalists. Three, five, six,... Where is four?

Perhaps that was after one too many celebratory drinks having narrowed the entries from 400+ to nine?

Either way, thank you for all of your time and effort.

Janet Reid said...

Lisa, well, we initially thought we'd have three finalists. Then you guys turned in AMAZING work. (Have I mentioned this annoyed me in a very happy way enough times yet??)

So we thought, ok five. Then it was six. Then here came one too good to leave off: seven.

Crap, can't leave this one out: eight.

"Leave this one out? I'll defenestrate myself AND you too," snarled the QueryBunny. So then there were nine.

You didn't make this easy.
Merciless you were.

Lisa Gomley said...


Please stay away from the windows!

You did mention that you were happily annoyed several times and for that we thank you! To have the hope that you were one of the talented new writers is amazing.

Now the rest of us can cheer on the lucky finalists, applaud Liz's launch, and continue our search for an agent with a little more confidence than we had before this contest.

Again, thank you for an amazing experience.

SueJ said...


Well I won't stop writing, I've done that all my life. What I do now, I don't know. I think maybe try getting one of my other novels edited and tidied. I used probably the most controversial one, so I cannot tell if it is the subject or writing. Aside from a lot of technical/business writing, I have never had anyone read anything I have written until very recently. I thought to investigate the writing world beyond my own pleasure. I will have to decide what to do now. Unfortunately, my work does not allow for free time so I do not have quite as much time for much other than working, keeping up with my property and writing. What did you write about?

Chris Scena said...


I haven't seen this question in the comments (apologies if you've already seen it). Would you say that most of the submissions to the contest were publishable or close? Are any of them publishable(including the finalists)?

Yes, I know we writers are neurotic, but I'm trying to gauge whether to go through another round of edits or to start querying.

Thank you.