Thursday, April 26, 2012

I know this is late but better than never, right?

Some of you may be looking for a class on writing novels.
Classes can be a good way to get a set of objective eyes on your work.

Here's one taught by two writers I respect a lot: Jenny Milchman and Butch Edgerton.

There are several options for how to participate so even if you're thinking "I can't do this right now" take a look and see if any of the options might work.


lightfootosolage said...

Definitely wasn't thinking, "I can't do this right now." But I sure as hell was thinking, "Why are these things so expensive?"

As a budding writer I often find myself priced out of the market for conferences and classes. I completely understand that time is money and expertise is weighted in gold. . . but do I need to sell my body on the street to be able to breathe the same air as these folks?

Melissa Dymock said...

Plot idea: Budding novelist sells her body for money to attend writing classes and writes about selling herself for money to pay for writing classes.

I called it first.

Lune said...

I'm right there with you. Wanted to take the class but I just didn't have an extra $500 laying around. Unfortunately, my writing budget almost always seems to be the first thing that gets cut.

That's why the pay it forward contest was so great. Totally free and I gleaned some valuable knowledge. So I look for opportunities like that.

Dana said...

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jenny last summer when she made a stop in Nashville during her Indie Bookstore tour.

After speaking with her, I have no doubt she could offer a helluva a lot of advice, insight, and great information to aspiring and early career writers (and probably to more than a few seasoned authors).

I'm hoping to catch her course online sometime. I'm sure it will prove a worthwhile investment.