Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Thursday, March 15, 2012

So, how was your day?

Lunch here at the Reef usually just involves jousting over who ordered the spicy tuna sushi and who did NOT and thus better get her mitts OFF mine, but today we had Entertainment with a capital E initiated by our good friend Eric over at Wiley. 

He tweeted a link to this NPR story about an earless rabbit. 

You only need to read the headline to know it's not a happy story: "Star Rabbit Dies When Photographer Takes Wrong Step."

I read the story aloud to @SharklyAssist a darling of an assistant who loves animals. She was horrified. I of course couldn't stop laughing to her great and growing dismay.  Yes! It's awful, but holy's awful funny too!

I tweeted about it.

And @SharklyAssist announced to all and sundry that "Words cannot cure what ails you" (which is oh so true) and here was her response to me:

Which of course produced a link to Disapproving Rabbits from Bill Cameron which is clearly a place I need to do more Christmas shopping.

But the whole point of this blog post is to announce we have a new standard for measuring how the day went.  How bad was it? Well, at least you didn't step on the bunny!


Kristin Laughtin said...

I'm horrified, too, but I guess it's...nice? have a new standard to judge the badness of my days.

At least my cat's pretty big, since he seems to want me to step on him all the time.

Paul Ellis said...

This is probably wildly inappropriate, but I see that picture and hear Kenny Loggins.

Jared X said...

When I see NPR and "rabbit" in the same sentence, my brain thinks it's about to read a piece on John Updike.

RIP, little Til.

Kathrine Roid said...

I feel very, very sorry for the poor... cameraman. The rabbit's a rabbit. It's too bad the rabbit died, but the cameraman is the one who feels terrible. The bunny doesn't feel anything.

What's hilarious is your new standard for measuring the day. *laughing*

Gabrielle Prendergast said...

A good day is one wherein no rabbits were squashed. I must remember that

magolla said...

Aw, poor baby. I have bunnies on the mind today . . . dust bunnies with teeth.

poor baby bun-bunn, though. periodically we get them in our pool and they can't get out. Two years ago, I found one that was still soft and warm, and yes, I tried to do mouth to mouth--it did't work.

I don't know why I tried to save it--after all the little buggers eat my flower garden and mini roses down to the nubbins.

Wry Wryter said...

Today was a...I stomped on a bunny day. I not only stomped, I squashed, flattened and pretty much pulverized the poor little guy.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Watch out chippies, field mice and peepers, here I come.
Jeez...I need a drink.

Tina Chaulk said...

I guess it's the ears, not the feet, that bring the luck.

Redleg said...

I don't know. It's my understanding that rabbits are wicked.

otin said...

That's one little guy who won't keep going and going and going....

MittensMorgul said...

I'm still wondering why the heck they put a tiny bunny on the ground and let people holding distracting cameras stomp around the room. WHY DID SOMEONE PUT YOU DOWN NEAR ALL THE BIG PEOPLE FEET, LITTLE BUNNY?

I can't get over that.

RIP Til.

Now that I got that out of the way that whole thing made my day. It wasn't a bunny squisher of a day, so I can't be too upset with it.

Bonnee Crawford said...

Stepping on the bunny would make for a very depressing day...