Saturday, March 17, 2012

3rd Update on the Liz Norris Pay It Forward Contest

All the entries have been processed. That means I've opened them, numbered them, and uploaded them to DropBox so the judges can read them.

It also means that if your entry was disqualified for any reason you will have gotten an email from me.

However, I know your little writerly souls and I know that's not going to assuage your worry.  Writers obsess over details and if you're not obsessing over the right word, you're obsessing about whether your contest entry was ok.

So, let's at least get you back to obsessing about words.

You can email me to make sure you've got a contest number.

You MUST email me this sentence: "Do I have a number?" and it MUST be from the same email address you used to enter the contest.

No long rants.
No effusive praise.

Nothing but "Do I have a number?" from the same email address you used to enter.

My reply will be that number.



Barbara said...

Will you be able us who the judges are? Perfectly OK if no.

Bethany C Morrow said...

Oh Lord, now I'm worrying about if I need to know the number (because I wasn't worried about being disqualified to find out but now you mention there's a number and I wonder if maybe I should email anyway to get the number that I don't understand). >.>

Terri Coop said...

Too funny. I don't have a number because I didn't enter this one. However, a couple of weeks ago an anthology sent out a message that said, "The bulk of the notices have gone out. If you did not receive one, it means you are still under consideration."

I didn't receive one. So, good news, I'm still under consideration! Right? But, what if it means they never got my submission? What if I never hear anything? OMG! ::runs around tree until I turn into butter::

Ms. Reid, you know us so well . . .


Joelle said...

Am I the only writer in the world who sends things out, forgets all about it, and is surprised to hear back at some point? There must be someone besides me who does this? Probably other actors! I think it was all my time in the theatre where you went and auditioned, and if you got the part, they called. And if you didn't, well, they didn't.

Janet Reid said...

Polly, let's just say there are going to be a bunch of folks reading. We want to make sure personal preferences or a fondness for certain categories or style aren't weighed too heavily.

You know I'm reading them all for a start.

Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

Since you didn't want effusive praise in our emails, I figure I'd add a little here. That way, when you're sick to death of our poor formatting and stilted prose, you can come here and feel a little better for a second or two.

Thank you so much for running this contest. It must be a ton of work, but it's also a ton of fun for the contestants. I hope you find nothing but joy from reading the variety of manuscripts. Angels are getting their wings left and right because of your overflowing generosity. Writers everywhere are meanwhile nibbling our fingernails down to nubs.

Thank you, thank you, Ms. Reid.

Michael Seese said...

@Joelle -- I've developed a spreadsheet to help authors track their submissions. I'd be happy to send it to you (and anyone who wants it). Drop me a line at mail(at)MichaelSeese(dot)com

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Like buying a lottery ticket the odds are against a win but the time from purchase to loss is a mighty sweet dream.
But it's not just pure chance or dumb luck or fate doled out by an angry God...or is it?
Has anybody seem my answer 8-ball?

Rayna said...

I've worked as an administrative assistant for over 10 years and can only imagine what an administrative fete this has to be with over 400 entries. Kudos to you and the team that must be helping you in tackling this. And thank you for doing it! :)

Jessa Russo said...

Well, I wasn't stressing before, but now its almost a compulsion! I'm not going to be able to delay sending that email much longer. :-) Thank you for doing this for us!