Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Whoever told you math isn't beautiful and elegant flat out lied

And here's the proof.

For more about what this video is check out the Harvard Natural Sciences lecture demo about harmonic motion.


Terri Coop said...

I've seen similar back in my physics classes, but never a set up this complex or filmed so beautifully. Wave mechanics and harmonic motion was one of my favorite subjects.

Sigh . . . ::goes back to play vid again::


One DV Rebel said...

That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Charley said...

At the risk (no, certainty) of using a grossly overused word, Awesome.

Joseph Ramirez said...

Whoa. Just... whoa. That is INCRED'.

Sophia Chang said...

I just have to say: HARVARD!

Okay I got a little emotional watching this, partially because I recognized the classroom. But entirely because it was breathtaking.