Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sic transit gloria art

FPLM field trip to McNally Jackson last night!

I was waylaid by an unexpected vision; the windows of Desigual are illuminated by changing colored lights. The effect is a wonderful piece of art there on 35th Street and Sixth Avenue. Sadly, my camera does not do it justice.

There are going to be a LOT of people gathering at that public plaza to see the Macy's windows come this holiday season. I wonder how many of them will turn around to see this amazing art right behind them?

Our field trip to McNally Jackson was for [sic] by Joshua Cody. Yes that's the title of the book. The Guardian UK describes it thus: Joshua Cody was 34 when he was diagnosed with a malignant tumour. In  [Sic], he tells how he confronted the cancer with chemotherapy and cocaine, martinis and one-night stands

We were early thank goodness because there was a crowd and by 7:15 it was standing room only.

Joshua Cody is an amazing writer, but even more to the point for a reading, he's an amazing reader.

[sic] is mordantly hilarious, but probably not the right thing if you've just lost a person to a terrible disease (my companion in crime mentioned that to me afterwards).

If you're a writer, this book is interesting from a technical standpoint because the sentences are much longer than what I'd think of as usual.  Yet, they work.  Part of that may be due to Joshua Cody's background in music. I wish I'd thought to ask him last night.  Perhaps one of you can track him down at a reading and ask for me!


Ali Trotta said...

I don't know if I could get through that book, without ending up in a heap, but it sounds like an excellent read. I might be masochistic to give it a try. It sounds like he's an amazing writer.

Also, that display is GORGEOUS.

Kitty said...

Let's try this again...

Here in Corning, NY, we enjoy Corning Inc's "Christmas card" every year between Thanksgiving and New Year's. They light the windows at night to spell out NOEL.

jesse said...

If I wandered past that display after a few chemotinis, I'd probably never make it back to the fort.

ryan field said...

I have to be in midtown Saturday night. Might drive by to check that out.

The book looks good. And I marvel at authors who do readings well. It's not for everyone.