Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Now that I've snuggled with Jack Reacher, what's next?

As everyone living reading this blog knows I'm a devoted fan of Lee Child and the Jack Reacher novels.  Despite his devotion to pleasing his fans,  Lee Child can write but one, maybe two, books per year. Sadly, I read faster than that.

Enter the book bag of enticements at Bouchercon 2011.  The new John Sandford SHOCK WAVE was enclosed.  I'd heard of John Sandford, seen him on panels, thought he was a nice guy.  I might have read one or two of the very first books way back when.

But I wasn't a fan. Certainly not in the way I'm a Jack Reacher fan: drooling, demanding, deranged all come to mind.

But, I had a four hour trip to Boston on the train. Starting at 8:30 am. I knew there was no way I was going to go for anything serious at that hour of the morning. And SHOCK WAVE had the added beauty of being an ARC: paperback, and when I was done, I could leave it behind.

So I took it for the train ride.

And oh boy am I glad I did.

Amtrak was having a fit of the vapors on Wednesday and I did NOT care!  I was glad of the extra time in fact.

SHOCK WAVE is a terrific book. The main guy, Virgil Flowers, isn't taking Jack Reacher's place in my heart any time soon, but I'd let him buy me a drink and wax enthusiastic about his odd musical tastes.

John Sandford is a New York Times bestselling author. He doesn't need my help to promote his books but he's gonna get it anyway.  If you need a good thriller for a Christmas gift, SHOCK WAVE should be on your list.

And it's the fifth in the Virgil Flowers there's enough back list to satisfy those of us who don't like to wait around to read the next one.


Jude said...

For your next trip to Boston, you might try the LimoLiner bus. It's about the same cost as Amtrak, but has far fewer mishaps. It's especially nice when you book early enough to get in the row of single seats.

Janet Reid said...

Jude, yea, but it goes to the Hilton in downtown Boston, not SouthStation. That's the only reason I'm not on it.

Of course, next time, I'm going to be carried to Boston on a gilded litter, borne by well-oiled handsome shirtless cabana boys.

Anonymous said...

If I hear my husband complain one more time about how Lee Child and Vince Flynn don't write fast enough, I'm going to fling myself into the Gulf Of Mexico and pray you are out there lurking for lunch!

But perhaps you've provided me with relief. I'm proceeding immediately to Audible to download this series.

Also, a question for you. Are CRASHERS and BREAKING POINT similar to these? I see they are available on audio (for the otherwise miserable driving commuter).

Janet Reid said...

CRASHERS and BREAKING POINT are CSI meets airplanes: the NTSB investigators who find out what happened when a plane goes down.

In CRASHERS they don't know they have only a week to solve the cuase of the crash.

In BREAKING POINT they are in the crash itself.

Both are high octane thrillers that are very much like this.

j. a. kazimer said...

Virgil always makes my reading day. Thanks for giving that F**king Flowers a shout out.

Alice said...

Oh, great. Not only have you already got me completely hooked on Lee Child (three books bought and read in a month) but now there's another one! I don't think my bank balance can stand this!