Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Sunday, November 13, 2011

hubba hubba!

My client Warren Richey blurbed this book so of course I was interested in taking a look. Then I saw the cover.


I'd buy this for the cover alone, but if you really want to know what the book is about:

Fearless is the story of a remarkable individual who accepts no personal limits—including fear. Freya Hoffmeister, a forty-six-year-old former sky diver, gymnast, marksman, and Miss Germany contestant, left her twelve-year-old son behind to paddle alone and unsupported around Australia—a year-long adventure that virtually every expert guaranteed would get her killed. She planned not only to survive the 9,420-mile trip through huge, shark-infested seas, but to do it faster than the only other paddler
who did it.


Michael Seese said...

I bought the Danielle Dax album "Blast The Human Flower" for the same reason. I loved the back cover. It shows her with sweaty hair, makeup running, holding a huge-a$$ gun.

If you want to look, here is a link to it:;_ylu=X3oDMTBpcGszamw0BHNlYwNmcC1pbWcEc2xrA2ltZw--/SIG=12op3qrlu/EXP=1321227111/**http%3a//

Michael Seese said...

Sorry, guys, I should have tested the link. Try this:

Janet Reid said...

Here's the link in clickable form

Andrew said...

Hot pic BUT "left her twelve-year-old son behind ... [for] a year-long adventure that virtually every expert guaranteed would get her killed." Am I the only one whose stomach dropped at that? Evidently a child is a personal limit not to be accepted.