Tuesday, September 27, 2011

as usual, Jessica says it better

I should just post an arrow on this blog and point toward BookEndsLLC and say "yea, what she said."

It's true today for sure.

Seeking An Agent is Not Seeking A Job

I plan to steal that analogy and use it so often people will think I invented it.
Not for nothing am I well read in crime fiction!


Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

It was great. Jessica always seems to get beaten up by anonymous commenters. I see you got a mention too. You all must have tough skins. Bullies are my least favourite people. My partner caught a hammerhead shark while fishing, which is the spiritual guardian for the area. We're in NZ this fortnight. It was only a metre long, but boy it was strong. I was thinking about you while dodging baby shark teeth: doesn't read or sell books, or drink scotch, not a real shark ;) Random crazy thought in an exciting funny situation. It says something about the influence you have had on me/followers. My step mum is a Maori chieftains daughter, and being with her is all about respect. Respect for family, culture and the land. We need that online. So much of our time is spent interacting online. I like you because you're not politically correct & you're sharp. We still need that tough uncle to teach teens and idiots some respect - Get Carter. Hope you're great. Love from downunder :)

Janet Reid said...

I did notice those comments from "anon" brave soul that s/he is. I figure being linked with Kristin Nelson as a "con" artist must mean I'm an artist at conferences. Could it possibly mean anything else?

Abby said...

LOL. Those bunnies are SO CUTE! I just want to snuggle them. I am excited about that book though. I guess I'll head to the bookstore with the minions.

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

Janet, I'm sure you're an artist of something, but it's not con. Everything you do online is transparent & beneficial to writers. I gues anon got rejected too many times. We're professionals, aren't we? I like that I can only find one photo of you online. Love the mystery.