Sunday, July 31, 2011

egad! this is bad! Contest winners from (ohmygodiva) June 25,

I hang my head in shame.

I totally forgot to post the contest results.

Thank goodness Tracy R. emailed me asking "wtf slacker fish, where are the results"**

** not the actual quote

So with no further delay, here are the results from the contest

Recognition for using one of my favorite phrases: "fell swoop"
Becky Mushko 9:02pm

recognition for knowing that everything is better with more cowbell
Sunny Insomniac 9:03pm

Recognition for including QueryShark which (like cowbell) makes everything better
Barry Evans 9:10pm

Recognition for giving me new ideas for dealing with recalcitrant writers
Eric 11:04pm

Recognition for giving me the great idea to rename The Lair "Club Swoop and Die"
abuckley23 5:29pm

These four entries were very good and made the first cut:

Terri Coop 9:02pm
thehappylogophile 6:06am
Kate Outhwaite 12:43pm
Jennifer Welborn 6:59pm

These two entries were VERY good and made the second cut:
wry wryter 10:21pm
Sasha Barin 12:44pm

These two stories are the finalists:

Kate Higgins 9:22am

The old sideboard was painted with stories. Minutely detailed life marched up drawers and across shelves. A tiny war folded around the doors, a carefully wrought conspiracy hid in the corners and a love affair gone wrong erupted over the intricately carved headpiece. Rendered mostly in browns and greens, a fragile swoop of red would brightly proclaim a birth…or a death.

This furniture was too precious to sell, too detailed to interpret, too disturbing to keep as is.
I dipped my brush in generic beige and reluctantly began to extinguish 87 years of lyrical angst.

Ted Bergeron 2:03pm

"Lyrical," says Robin.

"Brilliant. Bravo," says Beaver but he doesn't mean it. Grinding his teeth - sure sign of angst.

"A reluctant superstar you are," says Fox.

They're kissing my ass. I know it. I lick my paw and drag it across my brow. Howling tussles my fur.

It's a conspiracy. I know that too. But why?

A sob from behind Beaver. Shit. An intervention.

"I'm not coughing him up. Swoop in here like a bunch of do-gooders. I ate him because I have a self-esteem problem? He was good. That's why I ate him. Tasty."

Silence. That's it then. Shit.

Picking winners in these contests is always hard.  This time was not an exception. Both entries are terrific, but Kate Higgins takes the laurels.

Congratulations Kate. Send me your mailing address and we'll send you a prize.

And yes, you all got the word connection relationship.  I was surprised how fast you managed to do that! Next time I'm really going to have to be much more crafty about the connection.


Scribbling Scarlet said...

Congratulations Kate Higgins! There were a lot of great entries. The Shark had a hard job but yours was my favorite. :o)

Joanna said...

Congrats, Kate, a deserved win! I confess I kept checking to see if I was missing some secret posting as it was my first time! Glad for Tracy R's reminder!

Becky Mushko said...

Congratulations, Kate!

Terri Coop said...

Woo Hoo! Thrilled to make the first cut and kudos to Kate for a fab tale.


Sasha Barin said...

Great finalist entries, both of them.

wry wryter said...

And to think I made the all-caps-bold-print VERY good second cut. I am honored.

Does this mean someone with camera’s and balloons will be knocking at my door with a giant check...oh wait...wrong contest. I can already hear people chanting, “move that bus”. Oops wrong again. What IS behind door number three? Spin the wheel; buy a ticket, scratch the card...okay I’ll stop now.

But really your contests are fun, thanks.
Congrats Kate, a well deserved win.

Anon. said...

Happy Shark Week!

Kate Outhwaite said...

Very pleased to have made the first cut and even happier to see t'other Kate's entry win - it was my favourite too! Well done to Kate and thanks,as always, to Janet for running the contests - they are so much fun!

jesse said...

Kudos all around.

Kate Higgins said...

Wow, so I get home from 12 days in the Idaho mountains (to escape the perpetual spring of NW Washingtons and am trying to catch up on all I missed in the blog world. No computer access at 6,500 feet. So I thought I'd check to see if Janet ever did get around to choosing a winner and IT"S me!
What a great surprise! Thank you.