Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Damn you, Keith Kahla"

And I'm not the only one who feels that way!

Once I started reading, it was impossible to stop. Howling clients, burning toast, nothing pried me from the couch!

If you're looking for a great summer read, this is it.  If you need to email me a particularly damning response, my email is listed on my website:


Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

I bought this the last you mentioned it. It's great! I also bought and enjoyed Galveston, which you had also recommended, more.

Wendy said...

This is a well-timed post (for me). I was just online looking for something new and fabulous to read, so thank you!

JS said...

I loved this book with a wild, unholy passion!

Wendy, if you are looking for new things to read, may I bashfully draw your attention to my daily Twitter book review? (Now with a searchable archive!)

Corinne O'Flynn said...

This was an excellent read. Really loved it. I tell all my friends that you recommended it to me... personally. ;)