Friday, February 18, 2011

Northwest writers! A few spots left at Fishtrap

If you're a Northwest writer, you probably know about Fishtrap, the series of amazing writer's events in the Wallowas (where God himself goes on vacation it's so beautiful)

There are a couple spots open at the winter retreat.

One of the teachers is the fabulous Amy Minato author of SIESTA LANE.


Mary said...

I have led a writing walk at Summer Fishtrap and I live in this beautiful area! Come on over and I will give you great ideas on what to see over here. Fishtrap has a writing retreat in April and October too--it is a sweet place on the Imnaha River.

Bill Cameron said...

So close, yet so far. It is gorgeous country.

Joelle said...

Oh, man, Janet! How dare you make me want to go to this so badly when I don't have the dough and that's the weekend I will be doing line edits???!!!

Janet Reid said...

Joelle, as you know, one of the great joys of my life is tormenting writers. Any which way I can.