Thursday, January 20, 2011

So, there I was, prowling around the interwebz

I was ordering the books on the Edgar finalist list, truth be told, and having a lot of fun plotting how to find a week to read them, when I spotted this

Now, you'll not be surprised to hear I am a long time devoted fan of Cara Black and the titles published by Soho Press. So long time I knew instantly that Something Was Up.

Soho titles have a certain brand conformity, a signature look, and this is NOT it.

No indeed. This is a very spiffy new look for my BFF (Book Friend Formidable!) and further investigation revealed that there is a special $9.99 rate as well.

Zut Alors!

Of course I ordered it.

You haven't??

And if you haven't met Cara Black yet, well, here's your chance!


Anonymous said...

I just found a picture of a cake you might want for your next birthday:

Janet Reid said...

I love it!
Here's the link

Dana said...

Huzzah for Cara!

Anita said...

JANET: You've introduced me to soooo many great books...thank you! And do you get Brad Parks' intern emails...hilarious!

Pepper Smith said...

I just read my first Cara Black book this past week. I'll put this one on the list.