Sunday, January 02, 2011

Oh crap, I forgot to post the contest winner!

Yea, ok, I'm a total slacker. This vacation thing has been a LOT of fun! Probably not quite so much for those people who were wondering if they won the writing contest!  (and who were kind enough to NOT send flaming bags of crustacean poop to the reef.)

Alrighty then.

When we last visited the five finalists I asked you who you thought won.

As of 4:20pm shark standard time, here are the results:

LeAnne: 9%
Janet B. Taylor 32%
Patrice: 19%
Reality Analyst: 27%
Joel: 14%

Since this was a new and really terrible way to torment writers, I've decided to give all five brave participants the same prize:

A copy of GHOST COUNTRY by Patrick Lee.

For the winner selected by the Great Reader Horde, Janet B. Taylor, you'll also get the swag created by the elves over at Harper pr and marketing. (It's a water bottle and go-bag, but without the flowers.  Those are one of Mer-Bear's foliage flourishes)

For the second place winner selected by the Great Reader Horde, Realityanalyst, also the swag.

And my choice, which you probably knew and didn't vote for just to cause me consternation:


the book, the swag, and a copy of The Breach, also by Patrick Lee.

If all five of you will mail me your mailing addresses, we'll get the swag out to you.

I should mention that we can't mail anything but books to overseas addresses.

Congratulations to the five winners!


jjdebenedictis said...

Whoo hoo! I guessed right! Joel's entry was just too brilliantly weird and twisted to not appeal to The Shark.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!

Joel said...

Wow. Very cool. Thank you, and what a great way for *all of us* to start the year.

Thanks, JR, for your constant good humor and encouragement. I know why your authors admire you. Which brings me to my entry … a take on Patrick Lee’s dedication in GHOST COUNTRY: "For Janet Reid. I promise not to let on that you’re nice. Oops."

I liked the idea of a mad spouse reading too much into a few words. It has a nice irony. “… borne back ceaselessly into the past” reminded me of time travel, but I didn’t dare get closer to Gatsby than West Egg’s beach in the present day … Henry Light is a combination of Patrick Henry and Henry Light Horse Lee … Shaw is from Robert Shaw of Jaws … the plot is recapitulated at the beginning: Discover, sigh, sorry.

Happy New Year.

LeAnne said...

I don't mind the wait, seeing that I was vacationing too. ;) But thanks! Sending my address your way.

Michael G-G said...

I thought you were merely taking this torment lark to the max, to toughen us up for a round of queries. Didn't realize it had merely skipped your mind.

(Knew it would be Joel. I can read you like a shark psychic.)



Anonymous said...

Janet- Thanks so much for choosing me as a finalist. You are one awesome and scary-as-hell chick.

Congrats, Joel, your story was very cool, as were all the other entries.

Thank you so much-to all you who voted for me.
This is MUCH better than Arby's!
Have a splendid, peaceful New Year.

Patrice said...

I'm so glad I entered! Tossed it off rather late and almost didn't... perhaps there's something to be said for quick and dirty writing that's not under pressure.

Janet, I am flattered that I was considered among the top entries. And got some votes from the folks, too!

Thank you. Can't wait to read the book!

I'm sending my snail address.

Greetings from one shark to another (I'm a lawyer).

Joel said...

Got my cool books today--thanks again for the contest and the recognition.

Stay warm.