Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Scandalized!

Our fearless postal carrier arrived with delicious reading material!


Bpoelle said...


Jenny said...

I don't know what the frying pan is for, but I'm scandalized and intrigued. =)

Brad Parks said...

It's always a good day when the postman delivers BAY DAY... Janet if I make an offering of bourbon will you share?

Steve Ulfelder said...

Sophie and Stella rule!

Oh, and Jenny: all husbands know exactly what that frying pan is for.

Janet Reid said...

Would you bring it yourself? On a silver platter? With enough for everyone in Suite 500?


Meredith Barnes said...

Brad Parks + Bourbon + Frying Pans + ...bacon = BRUNCH??

Everyone knows BP brings the party.

Debra L. Schubert said...

The sharks are circling. That book must smell good. (Doused with bourbon, perhaps?)

Brad Parks said...

I'll be bringing it myself. On a silver platter. Wearing a tux. Serving it in the finest crystal.

Then I'll have my interns come in and fan your guests with large palm fronds.

Sophie Littlefield said...

well, i just pretty much adore all you guys. Mer, how about a bacon date one of these days?