Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dan Krokos cracks me up

His interview here at The Novel Road reveals some interesting facts.

What are they?


Steve Stubbs said...

I voted that Dan shouts "Yoknapatawpha!" whenever anyone shouts "Reivers!" in Firefly. That has to be it. I shout "Yoknapatawpha!" whether anyone else shouts "Reivers!" or not, and not just in Firefly. "Yoknapatawpha!" is a word for every occasion.

David said...

Why is Dan's query letter (124) not on the shark website? The interview mentioned the letter.


Dana said...

Reivers? I ain't going anywhere near where there are reivers.

JS said...

I tried shouting "Yoknapatawpha!" once, but I sprained my larynx. When I was teaching American Literature, I used to say "Yabba-dabba-doo" instead, which always made my students laugh.

I do always think of Faulkner when they mention the reavers on Firefly, though.

The movie of The Reivers is quite good. It has Steve McQueen!