Sunday, December 05, 2010

Yes, Virginia IS for (book) lovers!

The Richmond Times-Dispatch takes a look at historical mysteries this month and they pick five.  How pleased was I to see the list?

Pericles Commission
(hmmm...where have I heard about this book before??)

Gary Corby "tells a crackerjack story in his debut mystery"

In The Demon's Parchment  by Jeri Westerson

The Wolves of Andover  (a prequel to her debut novel, "The Heretic's Daughter,") by Kathleen Kent

Devoured by D.E. Meredith

Peril at Somner House by Joanna Challis

It's interesting that two of the authors are Aussies (Joanna Challis and Gary Corby) and four of the five are from our friends at Minotaur.

Virginia is indeed for (book) lovers!


Gary Corby said...

It's an incredible feeling to wake up one morning, to discover someone you've never met has appreciated your work and written wonderful things about you!

I could get used to this writing business.

And of course none of it would have happened if the lovely people on this blog hadn't used their own detective skills to find me. Thanks, guys.

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

Hi Gary, congratulations neighbour. Aussie authors have the good-juice! Morning Janet.

sort said...

Well, I'm pretty glad to see this list. And Virginia, back at ya!

Rodney Robbins said...

These book covers look like movie posters. That's a good thing.