Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What did I learn about fabulous Amy Minato?

I discover the most amazing things about my own clients when they do interviews.

Here's Amy Minato on The Novel Road.

Here's a poll for you about what I learned in the interview:


Michael G-G said...

More torture: you left out the AotA button!

(I surmise you received "BlogPoll" for Chritsmas.)

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

I was surprised that you'd never met. The polls are like looking at caramello chocolate. I know that I shouldn't waste any more time, but I want to vote.

Anonymous said...

DING! I love polls like this. I knew you'd never met once I caught the "Glinda the good witch" comparison, lol.

This really drove home that some agents get to deal with very interesting people (even if they don't, precisely, meet them).

Joelle said...

I love Siesta Lane. I was looking for a lost library book today and SL caught my eye from its place on the shelf and I got all warm and glowy just thinking about it.