Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just in case your heart needs to be warmed today

Here's a story by Lane DeGregory, published in 2002 in the St. Petersburg Times


KO said...

you're not supposed to make people cry at work!!!
great story.

RBSHoo said...

Great story -- I actually wrote for the same college newspaper as Lane DeGregory, although she had graduated before I started college.

I'm pretty sure she won a Pulitzer Prize, too (for a story quite a bit darker than Bobo).

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

5 days of intense healings, 26 hours of travel, home safe, and jet-lagged. I needed to cry. Thank you.

Sarah W said...

I'm with KO---

But I wouldn't have wanted to miss it---everyone should have a Bobo and a Mommy who's willing to search for him.

Lisa said...

I'm totally crying, too! Thanks for the amazing story :)

Douglas Morrison said...

Great story. An example of what our Moms have had to go through. Traveling all over town at Christmas to find the toys kids desperately want, saying nothing a month later when they find the toy at the back of a closet. Moms give us moments, giving all they have, so much left unthanked or requited.

Great! Now I have to call my MOM! :-)

Best of days,


hannah said...

You think crying at work is bad, I'm crying IN MY PSYCH CLASS.

Lauren K said...

What a great story. What is it about kids and toys that gets to people? I got choked up during The Pursuit of Happyness when the little boy dropped his action figure and they couldn't go back for it.

Margaret Yang said...

This story makes my heart go squish.