Sunday, October 10, 2010

I will never stop missing you

David Foster Wallace left a huge hole in the hearts of his readers and fans, not to mention his friends and family when he took his own life two years ago.

His wife, artist Karen Green, has a show called "Sure is Quiet" that, without mentioning her husband directly, is about his death.

The New York Times article about the show is here.


Sarah W said...

Beautiful article.

"I kept making art, because I didn't know what else to do."

That's the line that struck me.

Anonymous said...

Very touching. Janet, thank you for sharing this article.

How fragile are the days of our lives.

Ben said...

I discovered his works soon after his death and its a sense of loss I feel, knowing I will never get to meet him. He reconciled me with the idea of being an intellectual and showed me there is way of thinking outside of the Academy. The works of DFW came in my life at a very critical time and I am very grateful for all the great texts, fiction or essays.

Thanks DFW!