Sunday, October 10, 2010

A great podcast about books!

I'm a devoted listener of podcasts (nothing beats plugging in the Ipod on the subway and tuning out all that noise!)

Here's the link to the Bookrageous podcast, one of my new finds!  In Episode 5, the Trade Show broadcast, NUMB by Sean Ferrell gets a nice mention!

Do you have favorite podcasts about books? I'm always looking for good ones!


elizabeth said...

I'm addicted to this one. It's tres British, but wonderful.


Douglas Morrison said...

I've found to have great quality and selection.

Joelle said...

This is a Books & Authors one on the BBC radio 4. I haven't listened to these ones, but BBC radio 4 has all kinds of author stuff and I particularly like the Front Row Podcasts. They have a wide range of artists, authors, composers, actors, etc. but all leaning toward the literary side of things. This is a weekly podcast of the highlights, but the actual show is on every day, which you can listen to on the itnernet, but not download. I love this show!

ryan field said...

I love them. There are so many I couldn't pinpoint them. And I love doing them. It's soooo comfortable.

amy said...

Not into book podcasts, BUT I promised to check for a good mystery for you.

Just finished Working Stiff by Annelise Ryan.

PERFECT for the Lefty. Stylishly well done with romance and CSI style autopsy scenes. VERY FUNNY.