Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When we say our hearts are broken, this is what we mean

David Thompson, a vital part of the crime fiction community, a friend and valued voice, has died.

It is shocking news, and sad beyond words.

I can't say I will miss him because I can't believe he's gone. There simply are no words that cover this.


Sarah W said...

This is the gentleman who started up Busted Flush Press, which allowed me to get my hands on some longed- for out-of-print favorites and discover authors I'd missed ht first time around.

I was not lucky enough to have met him, but it's obvious from the BFP site, and the way others spoke of him, that Mr. Thompson loved books and loved readers and enjoyed getting them together.

Malia Sutton said... sad.

Marsha Sigman said...

I've lived in Houston for twenty years and just had the pleasure of attending a book signing hosted by them for Laurel K. Hamilton a few months ago.

This is incredibly sad and he will be missed.

Piedmont Writer said...

Janet, I'm so sorry for your loss. He will be sorely missed.

Ben said...


Sherri Browning Erwin said...

Janet, I'm sorry. Wishing you, and David's friends and family, comfort and peace.

Ann Best said...

This photograph says it all.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Ricky Bush said...

Hard to find words to express such a sudden loss. Walking into the best mystery book store in the world will be painful now.

Cornelia Read said...

I am gutted. David and his wife McKenna have been so kind and generous to me, and he was a hero of the whole community of this genre.

This is so fucked.