Thursday, September 02, 2010

This explains a LOT about Jeff Somers, demigod


Marie R said...

My brother actually read the manuals. And made his own five-sided dice out of wax.


Sarah W said...

Even if I hadn't started reading the Avery Cates series (and reading his blog), these mini-Q&A would do it.

These are the softest-sell I've ever witnessed, but they certainly sell the dry wit and laconic voice of Mr. Somers!

Anne-Marie said...

"The books were friggin' huge!" Yes, there are still boxes of them on our basement from my hubby's "satanic" days.

Jeff really is a demigod- he has figured out how to give himself a voice beyond the actual work. Well done!


Tara Maya said...

I can't believe I have had the same experiences. I played "fake" D & D. Some idiot public speaker came to my highschool to warn that D & D caused Satanism, and I think I even saw that movie. (It burned my eyes!) I was never forbidden to play D & D. I tried to move on to World of Warcraft (the physical version) but by that time I had boobs, and all the other players in the group were guys with no social skills. It got too awkward.

Dana said...

I'll bet my collection of polyhedral dice the movie "Mazes and Monsters" was based on the "novel" a concerned neighbor gave my parents to warn them...too late!


(Nice job, Jeff!)

Marjorie said...

Jeff has a marvelous voice. This reminds me of the great old time radio shows, where the host would just enthrall the audience with personal little stories for hours each day.

Lee Leonard and Brad Crandall and Mike Feder used to have radio shows where they spoke about their experiences in this same quiet and interesting way.

I loved this.

Margaret Yang said...

Bwa ha ha! Awesome. Loved the punchline at the end.

:::Waving fan girl pom pons::::