Friday, September 10, 2010

100th Anniversary of Policewomen in America

Adam Eisenberg's op-ed piece in the LAT about Alice Stebbin Wells is a fascinating look at what the first female cops were hired to do.

We've come a long way Kima!


Joseph L. Selby said...

YAY KIMA! I love that show. :)

Bethany said...

Timely, for me.

I was just at the bank this afternoon; I'd come straight from work so was wearing my uniform. I work for a state wildlife agency.

Guy in front of me: Game warden?

Me: No, I'm a biologist.

Guy: I was gonna say, a lady game warden? I never seen one of them before.

Yeah... there are in fact female wildlife officers in my state, and I made sure to set him straight on that. I wish I'd seen this post; I could have added, "Women have been cops for a hundred years!"

Malia Sutton said...

We've come a long way and we're still pushing hard!!

Saranna DeWylde said...

Yeah, last time I was on hospital duty with an inmate a guy asked if my gun was real and if he could touch it. *g* Yep, it sure is buddy and bigger than yours. *wink* Then he asked me out.

Jen said...

I work as a civilian in a police station. One of the older ladies I work with is an ex-police officer. She was issued with her Queensland Police uniform in the 1970s, and the uniform included a regulation handbag. A handbag, rather than a gun, because it was expected all she would do was look after lost children and battered women. Thankfully times have changed!