Monday, August 16, 2010

680 Scrabble points!

One of the things I love about Twitter is I meet amazing, talented and funny people I would never have run across in real life.

Tonight I was in the FinePrint office eating pizza with Suzie Townsend and Kathleen Ortiz working away industriously on a manuscript edit. I took one of many a quick break to check in on Twitter.

I wrote:
I'm being Ortweezed!! @Kortizzle and @sztownsend81 are here, pestering me with pizza!!

My friend Em wrote back:
@Janet_Reid There are SO MANY Zs in that tweet! I wonder if "Ortweezed" is a valid Scrabble word...

I reply:
It is during games here at FinePrint! Also "squelched" "disarticulated" "townsendator" and "holyshityousaidwhat"

Which brings us to the piece de resistence from the lovely and talented Em herself:

Twitter is fun. It's not hard to do, and if you give it some time, you'll connect with people who enrich your life and ruin your keyboards. What could be better?


Michelle Kollar said...

You converted me a couple weeks ago. Thanks, Twitter is loaded with tons of publishing information.

Marjorie said...

Twitter is totally amazing and awesome. The concept is filled with so many parts of win.

Joyce said...

I love Twitter!

Tawna Fenske said...

That is hysterical!

And now I have the sudden urge to go beat my husband at Scrabble.


Anonymous said...

I'm counting on all of you to write me a note explaining that I haven't lost my mind if someone opens my travel Scrabble set before I remember to take those tiles off.

Kathleen Ortiz said...

It is my life goal to one day use "OrTwizzled" in a scrabble game