Sunday, July 18, 2010

Writing contest: special recognition

This weekend's writing contest produced an entry that delighted me. It's not quite a story, it doesn't quite use the words, it breaks every rule in the contest... and it's glorious. It's a perfect example of "you can break every rule in the book if you do it well enough." This is exactly the kind of writer I keep my eyeball on.

Jdh 6:02pm:

A howl in the air, resistance of wind as split by marsh’s shrieking reed,

enough to deafen skeptic ear and cause the cynic to believe.

Crashing cymbals of tombac on, on and after ozone flash

that lights the dance of evil’s imps on barrow that is home and cache.

For my soul, I had never gone, forgotten object to retrieve

the night that reason itself died, and Pan renewed his ancient creed.

JDH if you'll email me (and endure my wrath for NOT having your email listed on your blog or your bio) I'll send you a book of your choosing.


wry wryter said...

JDH, I bow in holy reverence.
Congrats to Nate.

Had bacon for breakfast.

Ben Sloan said...

Wow, that is fantastic.

Deb Salisbury said...

Cool! I normally dislike poetry, but I sincerely like this.

Well done!

Brad Jaeger said...

Haunting. I love this more so for the images it conjures up in my head than writing style, but I love it nonetheless.


Laurie Lamb said...

Jdh, I read your entry several times just to enjoy its beauty!

Andrea Coleman said...

Absolutely gorgeously written.

Chary Johnson said...

Congrats JDH! It was brilliantly written.

Steve Stubbs said...

Well I have to say,. I am impressed. And I am not easily impressed. In fact, where writing is concerned, I am almost never impressed. I hope you signed him on spec. Odds are your competitors, slithery and otherwise, are having thoughts along those lines.

But a book of his choice? I know you work close to the Morgan Library. What if he chooses a first edition Gutenberg Bible?

jdh said...

Wow! I am blown away! Thanks for the comments. Luckily for Ms. Reid I have been dying (no pun intended) to get my mitts on a copy of Brains a zombie memoir. :)

As far as facing the wrath of the shark, I humbly beg forgiveness and state for the record that my email is .

Anonymous said...

Cool baby, lol!!

Nate Wilson said...

Excellent work, JDH. Some fantastic rule-breaking, too.

I'm glad you broke 'em, though; if you hadn't, I strongly suspect your tombac would have bested my fens, and I'd have two fewer books headed my way. Well done.

Lucy Woodhull said...

Wow - fantastic! Congrats, JDH!

jdh said...

@ Nate Wilson--No I think you had it sewed up with “Resistance is feudal.” :)

Anyway, back to slevining my oregano.

_*rachel*_ said...

I am in awe. I want to read more. I want to buy the book.