Sunday, July 18, 2010

Results of this week's contest!

This weekend's writing contest words had a theme. One person got it: Cynthia Reese (1:44pm)

The connection was indeed Oregon:

Bacon: for Bill Cameron, Oregon writer, client o'mine and devoted bacon lover

Resistance: the title of a Ken Kesey (Oregon writer) novel

Simpson: Homer, Bart et al is the brainchild of Matt Groening, who is from Oregon

Fenske: Tawna Fenske, Oregon writer, keeper of the hilarious and helpful blog Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing

Reed: John Reed, one of the two Americans buried in the Kremlin, was from Oregon (Reed College is not named for his family)

Some of you came up with some images that were pretty horrifying:
Resistance to bacon! (Bohemienne 11:52 am)
Dead Kittens (Carl Svernlov 12:39pm)
Maple bacon bar theft! (Laurie Lamb 6:57am)

It's always a good entry when there is a cameo by Jack Reacher
(Joanq6 12:49pm)

Some of you used the contest words in (correct!) ways I hadn't considered when I picked them:
"Francis Bacon Society" (Rick 1:21pm)
"Walter Reed" (Rick 1:21pm)

"Fenske equation" (Qraig 1:26pm) (William 2:08pm) (Mama Bear 4:52pm)

"Reed College" (Cynthia Reese 1:44pm)
"Resistance training" (D.A. Confidential 3:36pm)

The lines that made me spew coffee:
“Last time I threw a boomerang at the ghost. I knew it would come back to haunt me.”
(Daryl Sedore 5:02pm)

These entries weren't quite complete stories but they were a lot of fun:
Lucy Woodhull (6:52pm)
Melon (9:28pm)
Joelle (9:31pm)

Khamaileon (12:12am)
Dylan (2:08pm)
Never2Late (3:14pm)

Melissa Guernsey (7:31pm)
Lisa (11:47pm)

These entries made the short list:
Thomas (1:18pm)
Rebecca T. Little (4:35pm)
Christwriter (5:53pm)

MarissaV (8:03pm)
Simon Hay Soul Healer (8:50pm)
Stella (1:59am)

Melissa Haworth (2:22am)
Abogosh (3:04am)
Catcaller (1:52pm)

In a very close race, and one that had me re-read all the finalists twice more, the winner of this week's contest, and thus copies of THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST and COLLUSION is:

Nate Wilson (10:04pm)

(who made me very very happy cause he has his contact email listed on his blog)

“I don’t want to marry the simpson.”

“Of course you do, Gwyn. And enunciate; you’ll soon be a noble. It’s two words: simp’s son.”

“No. I don’t care if he’s a fenske—ow!”

Her father’s fingers were reed-thin, but his grip was firm. “Not fenskeeper. Keeper of the Fens. Show some respect. He protects our marshlands. Our home. Remember what I always say.”

“Bacon makes everything better?”

“Not that. The other one.”

Gwyn groaned. “Resistance is feudal.”

“Exactly. Serfs may rebel against that simp of a lord, but we’re above that. Here, have some bacon, and let’s get you hitched.”


christwriter said...

I made the short list! Whee, this makes my day.

... now to go call my vet so that story doesn't actually become true. Having neurotic kitty=having to take large amounts of anti-anxiety meds.

Laurie Lamb said...

Congratulations Nate! Superb entry!

abogash said...

Thanks Janet for including me on the short list- it was fun!

Enough motivation to dive back into my not quite right final chapter today!

Stuart Neville said...

Congrats to Nate - hope you enjoy the books!

Tawna Fenske said...

Yay, Oregon! :)

And double-yay to all the authors of these hysterical entries. You guys had me cracking up all weekend.

Tawna Fenske
(proud to be a 3rd generation Oregonian)

Joelle said...

Was so proud of myself for getting all the Oregon references, but turns out, I had the Reed connection wrong! I thought Reed College right off the bat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janet for another fun challenge and congrats to all, especially Nate, for such imaginative use of words - terrific!

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

Congrats Nate, that was clever and cool. Fen, a word I long to use.

Melissa Haworth said...

Well heck. I'm totally flattered to make the short list. Thanks for the fun contest!

Nate Wilson said...

Thank you all for your kind words, and congrats to the other finalists.

And Stuart, based on your books' synopses and Janet's praise, you don't have anything to worry about: I will enjoy both of them.

Marjorie said...

Congratulations on winning the writing contest. You crafted a great and creative entry that is filled with marvelous puns.

Kristi said...

Congrats to Nate!

Cynthia Reese said...

Eeek! Glad I could tumble onto the theme, but then I'm a huge fan of Bill Cameron and Tawna Fenske, so that sort of tipped your hand ... thanks for having such a fun contest!

Jody Aberdeen said...

"Resistance is feudal."

Ah...les mots justes! :)

Lucy Woodhull said...

Nate, that was fabulous! I feel all squishy inside that I got a little shout out. It was the Star Trek TNG, wasn't it? Gets 'em every time.

_*rachel*_ said...

Oh, those horrible puns--I love it!

Nate Wilson said...

And to think, my friends and family usually berate me for my horrendous (and/or marvelous) puns. The praise is a nice change. Thanks again, everyone!