Sunday, July 04, 2010

And we have a winner!

Reading these contest entries is a real guilty pleasure. Guilty because of course I should be reading your queries, but I'm not!

A lot of you had fun with what razzmatazz meant:
Lipstick (Amy 1:44pm)
Band name (Leslie 1:50)
danish! (Qraig 2:27pm)
White lightning! (MarissaV 3:10pm)
Hair color (Karin 4:55pm)

There were some hilarious uses of double agent:

A football double agent! (Joan 7:13pm)
A toddler double agent! (Erin 2:29pm)

There were some really great lines:

you look like RaggedyAnn: The Prostitute Years.” (Erin Kelly 2:28pm)

"You have to cut down on the coffee. Your hair is vibrating." (Lyra 1:01am)

"Sorry, dollface. I already promised your stuffing to Geppetto." (Dawn Simon 1:46am)

My tongue flickers. The air tastes like terror. I unhinge my jaw. (Maybe genius 4:30pm)

No contest is complete without an homage to FinePrint of course!
Katt 5:20pm

And no contest should be complete without an homage to Suzie Townsend
Catherine 7:36pm

My new favorite description of myself:
Tasmanian devil! (Myimaginaryblog 6:02pm)

These were horrifyingly hilarious
Dave 11:07am
The Precinct House Squad 4:40pm

There were some terrific entries that did get stories in 100 words:
Fanfreakingtastic Flower 8:02pm
Melissa Guernsey 1:32am
Themarie 7:38pm

Erin 2:29pm
Cat 3:20pm (shotgun or seam ripper!)
Tessa Quin 3:26pm

[soccerboy] 3:51pm
Mama Bear 4:03pm
Arbyn 7:06pm

Justwritecat 9:04pm
Cruella Collett 8:27am
Hilary 10:16am

Nancy Coffelt 11:06am

And here are the finalists:

Catcaller 5:02pm

"I'll never forgive Barbie!" cried Raggedy Ann, spilling coffee as the rest of the toys looked on. "Turned on that razzmatazz and stole my Andy."

"Now what?" asked T-Rex.

Rags zeroed in on Ken, re-decorating the Dream House. "You!"
Ken put the chaise down, shaking his head, “Keep her bony butt in Jersey, this is all mine now."

“It can be yours forever."

Ken straightened his ascot. "What did you have in mind?"

Rags grinned, "Pose as a double agent and convince her to come home.” She brandished a knife, "so I can get rid of that cheatin’ bitch for good."

Terri Coop 12:25pm


“The password is razzmatazz.”

“No it’s not. That’s yesterday’s password.”

“Crud. Can I borrow your codebook?”

Standing, I’d had enough.

“Sit down! Both of you, now,” I said.

“Okay class, what’s wrong with that?” I asked the group.

“Um, he didn’t know today’s code is RaggedyAnn?”

“The other guy didn’t shoot him for not knowing the code?”

I sighed. Recruiting double agents had gotten tougher since the end of the Cold War.

Sipping my coffee, I thought about how far I had fallen. Once the toast of the KGB, I now taught at the “Jersey School for Spies.”

Derek Whisman 3:49pm

The smell greeted me first in the kitchen. Something about the bra in the sink told me that it wasn't just coffee that was brewing.

"You raggedy--"

"Ann!" Mat screamed. He struggled to pull up his pants.

"You're home early," he tried to apologize as if that somehow excused it. Like my early day was to blame for him being a marital double agent with busty Jersey Miller from two houses down.

“You may want to get your bra, Jersey,” I pulled a rolling pin from a nearby drawer. “If you'll excuse us, I have to razz Mat azz.”

You can see from these three that it wasn't an easy decision.

By a whisker, the winner of the contest is Catcaller. Send me your mailing address and a copy of CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER CHILD will be winging its way to you soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered! This was fun!


Katt said...

Yes! Even though I had an entry, (and an honorable mention - thanks.) Catcaller's was my favorite too.

Hilary said...

This was such fun! I love Catcaller's entry too ... great choice!

Fanfreakingtastic Flower said...

Also - Catcaller's was delightful. I think everybody wants to see Barbie get it in the end.

Fanfreakingtastic Flower said...

Hee! I got an honorable mention! That makes me happy beyond all reason. :D

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Those were goood. Congrats Catcaller!

Dave said...

Getting tagged as horrifyingly hilarious is more than enough for me! Thanks.

All three shortlisted entries were superb.

Anita said...

Fabulous contest! Thanks for sharing the finalists and your time with us.

Terri Coop said...

WOW! Seeing my name in the finals just made my week! Thank you!

However, I bow to Catcaller, it was an honor to lose to that tale.

Thank you Ms. Reid for these fantastic contests.

Can I have another, please?


Jason Beymer said...

Thanks for the contest. I had fun with it!

Sheila Cull said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Terri Coop said...

Catcaller and the winner of the last two contests! We need to get together.

I have a book donated by Ms. Reid that I won in a contest on another blog.

I tried to recover DNA off the cover and clone my own agent.

However, this is what I got:

Evidently, more sample is needed and your books could be the key!


maybe genius said...

Three awesome entries! Congrats to Catcaller; fantastic story.

Thanks for the mention. It's made me all preeny :D

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks! This was fun! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys SO MUCH! I can't believe it - there were so many terrific stories - this came as a surprise!!! Happy 4th!

laughingwolf said...

well done, catcaller! :)

Marjorie said...

I LOVED Lumpy Dog's entry! It is an excellent piece of writing. Different strokes...

Lumpy Dog said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Marjorie, but I can't argue with the winning picks.

Another day, another day.

arbyn said...

That was really fun, thanks :)