Tuesday, June 08, 2010

One of the many reasons I love New York is here


laughingwolf said...

lovely poetry, both view and weather report :)

Nicole MacDonald said...

beautiful shot!

Anne-Marie said...

Three soft cheers for gentleness.


Sarah Askew said...

Aren't you lucky?

We've had unusally hot weather for my area of the country this last week. The temperature was over 90 six days last week.

I feel like I've been roasting alive. I'm contemplating putting it in my query letters: "If you enjoy fantastic writing that's been broiled to heartrending tenderness, I've got the novel for you!"

Enjoy the weather and those fabulous sunsets.

Marjorie said...

This is a truly beautiful photo. That sunset is blinding. Very powerful.

Steve Stubbs said...

Well, if it only gets to 76 in New York, global warming is a lot of BP. When I lived in midtown Manhattan it would have got to at least 85 and for reasons understood only by God and a few scientists, that was HOT. Hotter than 100 in Texas.

I love New York and I miss it. That photo doesn't begin to show what a great city it really is. It is a noble effort, though, and a real work of art.