Saturday, June 19, 2010

DAY ONE contest results

I can't believe how many of you guessed I had ALL the Trixie Belden mysteries. You've really missed all my ranting about being a minimalist haven't you! I'm NOT a book collector at all...and you're glad of it considering I'm giving away my books here after I've read them.

On to the results:

I've read 15 and owned 12. I stopped buying them with my allowance money in 8th grade, but I read them for years afterwards. Comfort reads. I wanted to Be Trixie Belden in the worst way!

My favorite was THE BLACK JACKET MYSTERY. It introduced bad boy Dan Mangan from the city. Of COURSE I wanted a bad boy boyfriend from the City. (I'd say I still do but that would cause some Significant Other problems!)

Given no one actually got it totally right, it seems fair to award partial prizes. So, some of you get pages 1-100 of DAY ONE, another gets 101-150 and the third gets 150-end. Fair right?
Oh what is that howling I hear?

Sheesh,ok, three of you each get a copy of the whole book. Now, please put down the vuvuzelas.

As to the number:

JenJ at 17, Jenna Victoria at 16 and Leona at 15 were just a little too off the mark. Cat Moleski, at 6, really underestimated my love for Trixie Belden!

The winners are: Janelle at 14 and Alice at 10 who were both 2 off the mark.

Michael G-G came closest on the favorite title: he picked THE BLACK JACKET MYSTERY as my second favorite.

If each of the three of you will email me your mailing address, we'll get a copy out to you.


Gray Matters said...

Trixie Belden! Did you ever happen to read a Lennon Sisters mystery? Yes, that's the Lennon Sisters of Lawrence Welk fame. I've never met anyone else who has even heard of the books. I'm not even sure there was more than one book actually, but this is the one I knew and loved:

Elizabeth L said...

Duuuuuude. I can't believe I somehow overlooked that someone else in the world not only knows who Trixie Belden is, but who has read many of the books with the fantastic sleuth! I remember reading these ever time I could get into my brother's room to steal them. Okay, yeah, I always returned them.

Strangely, I remember the title of Black Jacket, but not the story content. I haven't looked at these books since I was probably 12 or so, but I remember two scenes in particular (weird, yeah). One, where Trixie had to suck the poison from a copperhead out of someone, and then a scene where she was telling her friend, Honey, how she learned to be able to pick up details in a room with just a single glance.

Oh lord, memories. I think I'm gonna have to go find these books.

Thanks for mentioning them, Ms. Reid!

Janet Reid said...

Gray Matters, I DID read a Lennon Sisters mystery at one time. It was probably in a box of books in an attic somewhere in my family travels. I never saw another one, and I don't remember them being for sale at the grocery store or the drugstore (the source of ALL my non-library reading for YEARS!)

tonilpkelner said...

I read Trixie faithfully, and remember seeing the Lennon Sisters books. Never read them, though I did read several Lassie books and Annette books. (As in Annette Funnicello.)

Happy memories...

Judith said...

Count me in as another Trixie Belden fan. I also read a Lennon Sisters mystery – I only recall ever seeing one. I also wanted to be Trixie and probably actually imagined that I was her. I think it was because she wasn’t very good in math (I bonded with her in the Mystery in Arizona when she had to be tutored in math), but was still clearly intelligent and was the one who solved the mysteries.

I’m a bit disappointed, Ms. Reid, that Black Jacket is your favorite since I consider the first six volumes, written by series creator Julie Campbell, to be far superior to the rest of the volumes, written by various authors and published under the pseudonym, Kathryn Kenny. I hasten to add, however, that I do understand the appeal of a black jacket.

I’ve debated whether or not it’s appropriate to do this, but I think I’ll just go ahead. Below is a link to an article I wrote on Trixie Belden for Mystery Scene back in 2004. The article is on my little Trixie homage site:

BTW, there’s also some Dan Mangan fanfic on the site…☺

Jen J. Danna said...

It's too bad I overestimated the number of books you had (Darn it! To think that I initially picked a lower number and then second guessed myself), but still, thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane. I had a lovely time revisiting the series thanks to this contest. It immensely amused me to see that some of the versions that I had came in under the title of 'Ugly'. Not that they didn't deserve it, but still...

By the way, I'm curious, how did we put your age at 104 from this contest? Or so your tweet indicated.

Ronda Laveen said...

I loved Trixie and wanted to be her too! My mom, trying to encourage my reading habits, told me I could get a new one every time I finished one. I often got to go buy two in a weekend. She was my first real obsession with books.

kathy taylor said...

Those books were great. They taught me a new sentence pattern using a quote. "Whoever done it," Trixie says "sure is gonna be in a heap of trouble."

Katt said...

I loved Trixie Beldon! ah but then, the wait between books sent me off to the library and my love affair with Walter Farley.

Anita said...

Trixie made me fall in love with books. It's great knowing I wasn't alone!

Downith said...

OMG I loved Trixie Belden.

"Trixie shook her head ruefully."

Remember the one where they went to work on a dude ranch - my main memory of that was that one of the guests was allergic to silver but I think Trixie told her that if she coated all those neat-o ethnic bracelets with clear nail polish, she could wear them - or something like that.

Other great books from same era - Cherry Ames, Student Nurse - loved those!

Lisa B said...

I read all of the Trixie Belden books as well! I have a dog named Trixie Belden who is just as intrepid and plucky as her namesake.