Sunday, May 09, 2010

Feeling brave?

I'm proud to be one of the many many agents, editors, and authors that have responded to the call for auction items at Do the Write Thing for Nashville organized by Victoria Schwab, Myra McEntire, and Amanda Morgan.

I've donated a thirty minute phone call manuscript consultation. You send the ms (electronically); I read it. We talk on the phone. You get the straight scoop. I get a chance to practice my newer, nicer shark bite.

It will be most useful to people writing in the categories I read most often (crime fiction, women's fiction, memoir, YA) but it's open to everyone who wants to bid.

The auction runs for three days. Bids are taken in the comment column.

If you're not willing to brave the Shark-infested water there are many other agents and editors offering consultations including the very very nice:

Suzie Townsend

Martha Mihalick

Holly Root

And this is JUST Day Four! More splendidness to come!


Derek Whisman said...

Submitting my bid now. This one is probably going to get huge.

Anonymous said...

Well I got fifteen bucks and a nickle in the back pocket of an old pair of blue jeans, which I accidentally ripped the crotch out of while trying to mimic Lady Gaga on the piano.

I'll give the $15.05 and the jeans to any willing agent.

Nancy said...

A thirty minute phone conversation with The Shark after she reads my full MS? If only I had a story ready!

Kay said...

It's already out of my price range.

Anne-Marie said...

I was feeling brave, but sadly cannot afford where the bidding has gone now and will likely go. I donate regularly to the Red Cross and hope they will get involved in relief efforts. Hats off to everyone who is offering their services and donating to help.


Josin L. McQuein said...

What an awesome donation! Sadly out of my budget, but awesome none the less. You'll have one of the major bidding wars going, I'm sure.

Steve Stubbs said...

The Suzenator? Is California finally getting rid of Arnold? Dare we hope?

Whoever wins the conversation with either of you is getting off cheap. Throw in a couple of shots of gin and a shrimp cocktail and I may bid myself - even though I can't afford it.

Margaret Yang said...

Although a consultation with the shark is priceless (priceless!), I'm pretty sure that if Janet Reid actually called my phone, I'd wet my pants.

Ashley A. said...

Wow, what a woman! I've been reading all the prize posts, and while there are many fabulous temptations, I think yours blows them out of the, uh, water. If bravery were dollars, I'd dive right in.

Stephanie Barr said...

Wonderful prizes, but all too much for me. Will have to donate what I can elseways.

I have never felt so inadequate.

Janet Reid said...

Donate to Nashville RedCross. I bet they'll be glad for whatever you can give.

Derek Whisman said...

By the way, as I continue to donate like a crazy person (What can I say, I love the Shark and I love Nashville)...I realize I should probably ask this in advance, right?

The listing says you will read our "completed" manuscript before the phone call, Ms. Reid. Does that mean we get a full MS read or am I reading that wrong?

Thank you for the awesomeness!

Janet Reid said...

The whole ms. I'm praying it's not 300K. REALLY praying.

But yes, for that kind of donation, you bet it's the full manuscript.

Derek Whisman said...

Haha. No, luckily if I do manage to win (And.I.Will), you'll only have to deal with around 85k. Easy, right?

Janet Reid said...

85K is fine. And don't think we haven't been skulking around your blog to make sure you aren't a whack job. Your site stats up?

Tom Segerson said...

Thanks Janet!

All of us down here in the lowlands appreciate this effort.

Since my blogs probably put me in the 'whack job' category, I won't be worrying about getting a call from your snarkiness.

Memphis and Nashville both got hammered pretty hard. I'm between the two of them and the rain gauge on my neighbor's farm only goes to 5 inches. He emptied it three times over two days!

It may not sound like it on my blogs, but I do love you coastals. NYC is a helluva town and I've always enjoyed my visits there.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Best regards,

Joseph L. Selby said...

$4100. Well done, Janet.

Steve Stubbs said...

Congratulations on attracting such enthusiastic bids. Most writers do not have that much money, so you can interpret that as a genuine statement of appreciation of your value as an agent and a critic.

Here is hoping the manuscripts turn out to be good.

Wendy said...

Just wanted to say what a great donation of your time and talents. Very generous!