Saturday, December 26, 2009

Need to take down your tree FAST?

you might inquire here

(don't sign the damage waiver)


Julie said...

That was hysterical, but it breaks my heart! You can never stay mad at the kitties for too long. :)

Loretta Ross said...

Very funny!

It's not just cats, you know. This year my friends' three-year-old son climbed their Christmas tree. He wanted to kiss the angel.

Furious D said...

It won't happen to me because I don't have cats, and my pet badger Chompy, though rambunctious, doesn't attack inanimate objects.

Karen K. Kennedy said...

We moved the tree to a far, dark corner of the living room. We don't enjoy it there nearly as much, but it's survived the rest of the holiday.

For Christmas my cousin gave me new, hand-painted ornaments to replace some of my favorites that got broken. She's the best!

And we haven't killed the cats--yet!
Hope you had a merry Christmas.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

ROFL...we have four cats--1 senior (16 years old) and 3 under the age of 14 months.

This year we anchored the tree to the ceiling and I bought special ornament hangers that are almost impossible to get the ornaments off. With three rambunctous teen-aged phase babies, we still have our tree in one piece. Lost five ornaments. I was amazed.

And relieved. LOL