Friday, October 30, 2009

Damn good advice

Susan Adrian is one smart cookie


Laurel said...

I love it when your restless intellect keeps you from sleep or other productive passtimes and you have multiple posts in one day.

Plus, this chick is absolutely right!


Mulled Vine said...

Very good indeed!

june said...

Thanks for linking to this post. I have visited some author's blogs that felt like it was an exclusive club and not everyone was invited. It's stupid for an author to never respond to those who express interest in them or do so in an obvious exclusive manner. Without the reading public--a public that likes you as well as your writing, an author would be nothing. Remember that!

Lydia Sharp said...

I'm glad you recognize being social as a good thing, Janet. (not that I thought you didn't, but just to emphasize here)

I'm also glad that someone out there has highlighted the fact that, yes, it's more work, but it is SO worth it.

From a "fan" perspective, don't we appreciate when an author gives us a moment of their time by responding? Absolutely. So why would we act any different toward OUR readers? They are what make or break us, really.

Dibs on whatever cookies are in that jar...unless they contain nuts. I'm already nutty enough.

Girl with One Eye said...

Thank you for sharing the link. I really enjoy your blog and always like finding new inspirational posts to help me in my journey.

Buffra said...

She's so right.

One of my favorite authors became one of my FAVORITE-favorite authors because of her genuine-ness at a book reading and signing and on her blog. I always enjoyed her work, but now I buy even more extra copies to share with friends.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

And THIS would be why I'm currently replying individually to the 71 comments on my latest blog post.

Thanks for the reminder that readers/ bloggers appreciate it.

I know of one author who turned me off forever because she didn't reply to my blog comments, even when she only had a teeny handful. Snot!