Monday, August 10, 2009

Writing Contest

As it happens, I was FORCED to purchase a copy of A BAD DAY FOR SORRY in order to read it promptly upon publication (and we all know who to blame for THAT)

Thus I have a copy of the book here for some lucky blog reader (and writer.)


I've got enough entries now so the window is shut.

Entries and winners to come (later, MUCH later tonight--there's this bothersome thing called work that's chewing my fin)

If you would like to win this copy, you must send me an email (janet at fineprintlit dot com)
with a haiku. 17 syllables max, in the form 5/7/5

Bonus points for including slithery Barbara Poelle (7 syllables) in the haiku.

The haiku will be published on this blog.
Include: yes, it's ok to put this on your blog in the email


jjdebenedictis said...

So....Poelle is only one syllable? (I.e. pronounced "pole", not "po-el"?)

And you're pronouncing Barbara as three syllables and not two? (I.e. "Bar-ba-rah", not "Bar-bra"?)

Obviously poetry is way too hard for me.

Ben said...

I counted "Poelle" as two and "Barbara" as three.

Rebecca Knight said...

I went with the Bar-bra Poelle approach :).

This was fun! Thanks, Janet!

CKHB said...

Contest entered!

Merry Monteleone said...

Damn! I was just about to send. Oh well, it won't count, but I might as well post it, since it's already written:

Octopi Ka-bob
Slithery Barbara Poelle
Either gets noticed.