Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yes, I'm awake at 8am

Don't get used to it; this morning thing is vastly overrated.

However, after reading Kari Dell's most recent blog post, I am now fortified by enough guffaws to face not only morning, but the attendees at today's upcoming Writers Digest Conference.



Margaret Yang said...

Uploading virtual coffee to you. Good luck at the conference--or should I wish good luck to writers who are pitching you?

Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

Think of it as a matter of perspective, Ms. Janet. It's only 7:50 in CST, but I am awake to, only for the much less fun reason called 'germs'. And hungry sons.

Enjoy your conference! You can do it. No idea why that seems to need a Mexican accent, but there you go.


JES said...

Oh, that's great!

And you know, now that you mention it... From your blog posts and, well, your general demeanor here and elsewhere, it's hard to imagine how Janet Reid could live anywhere but NYC.

But in another life, I bet you'd get a kick out of wielding power tools and explosives.

Matthew said...

I don't know if it'll make you feel better or worse, but I wake up at 4 a.m. ET for work every day.

Just putting it out there. ;)

Tracy said...

I hear you about the morning thing*. I'm looking forward to my kids being out of the house just so I don't have to get up early anymore. Only 13 more years to go...

And that post on power tools was hilarious. I've always wanted a chainsaw, but I must say that I've never had the chance to play with dynamite. I'll definitely be thinking twice if the opportunity ever presents itself (yanno, 'cause it's bound to come up eventually). I can learn from others' mistakes.

Tracy said...

Umm, I put an asterisk after 'morning thing' like there was something fantastically witty to add as a footnote, but there really isn't anything. Sorry to leave your readers hanging like that - I don't normally throw asterisks around so frivolously.