Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good advice from a good writer

I like to skulk around over at Murderati, one of my favorite blogs written by contributors Toni McGee Causey, Brett Battles, Robert Gregory Browne, Cornelia Read and other clever beasts.

This post by Tess Gerritson
resonated with me for two reasons. One, she's correct. Two, the guy asking for advice actually listened and made the changes she suggested. That's not quite as common among as advice seekers as logic would predict.


BJ said...

Brave woman. Smart man.

ryan field said...

I like this line in particular:

"the writing profession is far more likely to breed humility than arrogance."

Margaret Yang said...

Sigh. I love a happy ending.

Jonathan E. Quist said...

Given that the subject was already a professional writer, the response (accepting criticism, then evaluating and acting on it) is really not a surprise. That is a discipline any aspiring writer would do well to practice. (Self included.)

A question - while it is bad form to say "My mother-in-law's former neighbor raved over this story!", to what extent is it okay to include comments from recognized, established writers familiar with the manuscript?

Melinda Szymanik said...

Thank you (again!) for another great link. I laughed so hard over Joshilyn Jackson's post the other day and was so impressed by this one today. Both have taught me something.


Sarah Jensen said...

Jonathan, I've read many places where writers have included published, well-known authors in their query who've read their work and liked it. I'd say that's the only case I'd mention someone liked my book.

And that was a great blog. Thanks for sharing it.

Julie Weathers said...

This was great advice and courageous on her part. Most people with this attitude wouldn't have listened.

Virginia said...

Excellent. Loved her response, and I'm slightly amazed that the writer actually took it.