Thursday, January 01, 2009

Donald Westlake, a great writer, has died

A file obituary is in the Times today, and Sarah Weinman has an early post.

There will be more, much more, to come.

His loss is a sad and bitter end to 2008.


Margaret Yang said...

Awww, hell.

He was an inspiration when I was first starting out.

the one true dead angel said...

This is definitely not how I looked forward to kicking off 2009. The ironic part is that my brother and I were just discussing the director's cut version of PAYBACK (the Mel Gibson movie based on the first Parker novel) when I happened to learn of Westlake's unfortunate death.

-- RKF

tonilpkelner said...

Damn it.

Eileen said...


Loved his books

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Man, that hurts. I haven't read the obits or anything yet, but I hope it was an easy passing.