Sunday, September 07, 2008

10 Things I Love About My New Kindle

10. I was able to buy and read Pixie Warrior at long last;

9. It's easy to hold; less bulky than paperbacks, lighter than hardbacks;

8. I can adjust the size of the print;

7. I can upload manuscripts and read them just like I would read a book. This is a HUGE benefit to you who are sending me manuscripts;

6. I can take reading out of the office much more easily. No more losing pages in a good breeze at Coney Island!;

5. No more hauling manuscript pages! My Sherpa days are now truly over;

4. No more reading full manuscripts on the screen. My eyes are dancing with joy;

3. I can easily take all my clients manuscripts with me when ever I go to lunch with an editor. Want to see the first page? Want to see the blurbs? Here, read them on the Kindle;

2. I can download and read the first chapter of books at no cost. This is a super smart marketing move. (More on why at the Dead Guy blog);

and the thing I love most about my Kindle:

1. I always have a copy of Jane Kenyon's poem Happiness with me.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday night cruising around the internet

I'm nosy. I'm always looking around at websites of commenters on this and other blogs I keep. I like to do it cause it feels as if I'm wandering around a fabulous treasure trove with less dust and fewer opportunities to break china.

So, I'm slinking around tonight and I happen upon illustrator Bonnie Adamson's site.

And I love this

And this

And I wish I knew more about kids' book illustrators than "I love these" but I don't so I just have to be a delighted consumer instead of an agent.

oh just shoot me now

See, I adore Chris Eldin, I do.

So when she asked if I wanted to get roasted, I *thought* she said "do you want to get toasted" and I said, sure, here's the address of the local watering hole, see you there in five.

But no. She did indeed mean roasted, and so I am on the spit for BookRoast next week. I'm sure the flames of Hell (being Satan's literary agent and all) will be involved.

Fortunately I can see what's in store for me, cause I'm on Friday, and there's quite a stellar list ahead of me:

Mon, Sept 8: Evil Editor
Tues, Sep 9: Editorial Anonymous
Wed, Sep 10: (publishing related topic)
Thurs, Sep 11: Moonrat
Fri, Sept 12: moi

Chris briefly lost her tenuous hold on sanity and said this thing started at 6am.
After I stopped laughing, I mentioned I'd be showing up around noon.
So, instead, it starts at midnight on Friday Eastern Time and all those sleepy heads who go to bed with the birdies will miss the first of the fun.

Courtney Summers-you heard about her here first*

Courtney's first book is coming in December. It was the first book my colleague Amy Tipton sold, and the first book the editor bought. (We all had a good time joking around about that with Amy of course: "three first timers walk into bar...")

So, I would have read the book, of course. But now, after seeing Courtney's book trailer I WANNA read this book. I bet you will too!

So, I ordered my copy today even thought it's not available for the Kindle :((

*as it turns out, I posted this a while back BEFORE I was supposed to! Oops, bad bad Courtney Summers fan!

If you think you've seen this post before, you're right. There were some issues with the cover (hang on to your galley if you have one..they're collector's items now!) and it had to be redone.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Out of the woodwork

I don't mind when commenters disagree with me. Well, I mind, but I can live with it. I don't mind if commenters think I'm full of it (again, yes, but ok).

The rule here though is if you think I'm the horse's patootie, and want to say so, you have to write cogently. And you have to make some sort of reasonable argument. And I'd prefer if you didn't use invective to try to make a point. Unless you can do it stylishly.

For the time being though, I'm going to leave the political stuff to someone else. I'm a bit dismayed at the idea that people with such poor command of the ethics and rubrics of rhetoric even read this blog. And if I've offended you, well, I'm ok with that too.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Another sign I'm the true owner of the ruby slippers

I know this means I have low moral character and should probably join Bart Simpson at the blackboard to chalk out "I will not chortle at the misfortune of art museums ever again" but this did make me laugh.

I particularly love the "hey lady, seen our painting anywhere down there" phone call.

*thanks to Steve Ulfelder's blog for the morning snortle

Crit groups

I think critique groups can be a very powerful tool. Several of my clients are involved in crit groups; even the published writers. Crit groups aren't just for beginners.

Here's a post from Karen Kennedy's blog about the value of hers.