Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kyle Minor

Can it possibly be I've never mentioned Kyle Minor here before??
I should be shot for that oversight; you should run me out of town on a rail.

Kyle Minor is an amazing writer.
Here's a link to his essay at Sarah Weinman's blog.

I read his short story in Plots with Guns and immediately ordered his short story collection.

You should too.
Heck, buy eight: one for each arm.


Connie Ward said...

Sounds to me like more Southern-bashing. I think I'll pass.

BJ said...

I found the essay - and the following comments - to be a very interesting discussion of 'literary' vs 'popular' fiction. We're having a similar discussion on a list I'm on about 'hard' science fiction and views of other types of science fiction. It's all very educational -- and Mr. Minor and some of the commenters give similar arguments in his essay as I've been giving in the discussion. Not that I'm in any way inferring that I'm at his level, but it's nice to hear someone like him with similar views.