Monday, November 17, 2008

Feeling discouraged?

This is good advice from Rachelle Gardner.


CJ Raymer said...

Thanks for posting this. It couldn't have been said any better than that.

John said...

You might have mentioned all the mystical stuff about "God" before sending people over there! These people are discussing a "calling" from "God". Not a perspective that most people can relate to!

Shelli said...

thanks Janet - I needed this today. :)

Ryan Field said...

I thought that was spot on.

Good one!!

Margaret Yang said...
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Oh_bother said...

Good reminder to keep at it.

I know I often give far more significance to setbacks than to encouragement.

BJ said...

Very good advice.

Equating a passion for writing with a passion for one's marriage is a great analogy. If you're really serious about either, you don't give up just because you hit a bump.

Thanks, Janet

FIONA said...

Thank you for this.

And John and Margaret,most people on the planet believe in a deity. Just because you don't doesn't mean you should be "freaked out" by a commonly held belief, or feel that "most people" aren't able to relate to this.

This in no way diminishes your right to believe differently, but you should also be respectful of others' beliefs.

John said...

Fiona, I'm not sure you're right. Many people have no supernatural beliefs at all, and most certainly do not believe in the Christian "God" or anything like it.

My point was only that a reference to a site so strongly god-flavoured should come with some kind of health warning.

Julie Weathers said...

Janet, thank you. That was a great analogy.

John and Margaret, I'm really sorry you are so easily disturbed. Life must be very difficult for you.

Ann Victor said...

Excellent link. Thanks. I found it encouraging.

Justus M. Bowman said...

Definitely an interesting read. Fortunately, I'm not yet questioning my decision to become a writer.

This health warning is a little late, John, but watch out for Julie: she's a biter.

Crimogenic said...

Very motivational post. Good analogy.

ICQB said...

I used to run until my knees and feet gave out. In races I could usually be found in a zone somewhere between the fast people in front and the slow-pokes at the rear. And I would sometimes place - not overall - but for my age-group.

That's what my writing is like. I get enough positive feedback to know that I'm ahead of the slow-pokes, but at the same time I know I'm not in the lead pack.

I'm wondering if I'll ever place overall. I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that I'm just not that good. So, yes, that's discouraging.

But I visit Janet's blog everyday, and sometimes I run across things like this post.

Kinda makes you want to put your running shoes on.

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

That was a good post, but all that God-thumping is so annoying and un-necessary. Yeah I don't think I'm gonna visit that blog again.

Julie Weathers said...

"This health warning is a little late, John, but watch out for Julie: she's a biter."

Why, yes, yes I am.

I think some people view natural talents as a "calling." That doesn't mean they wake up every morning and hear a booming voice tell them, "Thou must write 1,500 words today, without blemish, passive verbs or dangling participles. Lay these perfect words upon my altar so that I might gaze upon them. Return in the morning and I will bless you with my divine editing."

I think I have a natural talent as a storyteller. I would hesitate to take credit for that any more than I would my height. Shaping the storyteller into a writer, I will admit to.

BJ said...

Well, since the agent represents Christian fiction and non-fiction, chances are pretty good that there will be Christian talk. I would expect a lot of talk about mysteries, etc., here at Janet Reid's blog, and talk about fantasy and science fiction (as well as cats and yarn) at Jenny Rappaport's blog. Chances are also pretty good that this agent's clients and readers will be Christian.

Since these people share the same world view, I doubt it would be called annoying and unnecessary in this context. But it doesn't take away from the wisdom in the post.

Julie - you rock.

FIONA said...

John, shall we peruse statistical data instead of going with what you think is true?

According to the Washington Post, "Most Americans Believe in Higher Power"

The Harris Poll shows that "82% of Americans believe in a higher power"

And the Association of Religious Data
shows that most people worldwide believe in a God or gods.

Again, that does not in any way diminish your right to believe differently, but it does show that "most people" CAN relate to the link.

Please do not disparage others' beliefs just because they don't agree with your own. Using words like "god-flavored" and "health warning" are simply rude.

Julie Weathers said...

That was a good post, but all that God-thumping is so annoying and un-necessary. Yeah I don't think I'm gonna visit that blog again.

As Fiona said, she reps Christian authors so that's what you're going to find there. If you automatically assume a Christian can't have good advice for a writer, then you should certainly avoid the site like the plague.

I always find this double standard interesting. If the site had been from an agent who specializes in gay literature or paganism or ethnic issues, I doubt one word would have been said. We are living in an enlightened world, doncha know, where we respect everyone's right to believe as they wish.

Funny thing is, I was a prison minister for six years. At the Surrey conference I sat next to a lady who is a witch. I wasn't compelled to get out my bible and whack her until she burst into flames. Well, I was tempted once to do that when someone brought up politics, but mostly I kept my holy water, anointing oil and bible hidden in my habit. The witch and I talked about...writing, just as the agent did in her post. And, if you can get past the horror of her readers' Christian comments, she gave some good advice.

BJ said...


I tell her she rocks, and she attributes my post to someone else.

Rachelle said...

Thanks, Janet, for posting the link. And thanks to everyone who visited! I sincerely hope none of you were harmed in the treacherous passage over to the land of God-speak. :-)

Julie Weathers said...

BJ, mea culpa.

I was trying to get my blog fix in before I dashed out the door to work.

I am so sorry. I'll try to think up a better excuse, tonight.

I <3 you for pointing that out, though.

Now, since my computer crashed, it's been a bit of a handicap to switch to old laptop. A moment of silence for Big Blue, please, I have been working on my laptop and cursing Works. Yesterday, Little Blue crashed. Another moment of silence please. Ah, how I miss works. I'm sorry, Little Blue! I didn't mean it.

Wonder if agents accept handwritten queries?

I am at the library now with 41 minutes left on the computer and you, my dear, got your very own nod. Yay, BJ!

"Thanks, Janet, for posting the link. And thanks to everyone who visited! I sincerely hope none of you were harmed in the treacherous passage over to the land of God-speak. :-)"

ROFL Actually, this was a very timely post. My former editor is finishing up an inspirational work and I told her I would do some research for her regarding some agents. And what shall appear? A Rachelle link.

Oops, 35 minutes left. Must go before I turn into a pumpkin.

BJ said...


Haste yee back ;-) said...


But three days of Duck hunting and then signing up at the local Holiday Inn for a, "How to sell Geico Insurance" seminar has helped... I just hope that little green lizard is there.

Haste yee back ;-)