Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Saturday, November 08, 2008

52 + 48 = 1

this is cool.
Here's the photo I sent.


Thomas Mason said...

I must admit, the idea is a noble one. With all the hate and fear mongering that went on during the campaigning, there are many sore individuals. As Lincoln said when he accepted the republican nomination for U.S. Senate "a house divided against itself cannot stand". No matter how strong a nation we are now, we will be counted as nothing if we continue this constant in-fighting.

I remember how the world mocked us as seemingly countless recounts were done during the 2000 election. We truly were a house divided then and unfortunately we still are now. With extremists in both the republican and democratic parties, not to mention the countless independents, unless something is done to reach across the party lines can we truly call ourselves “One nation”?

In order for our representatives in Washington to work across party lines it must begin with their constituents. If the people of the nation come together and let our voice be heard then we will truly begin to see a difference in not only our government but our nation. I applaud this idea and hope that it is well received. While I am on the “48” side of the house, I will be watching to see what comes of it.

(Sorry if the comment is a little long, it’s late and I’m in writing mode!)

Jaye Wells said...

LOL, before I clicked on the link, I thought this was a marriage proposal. Cool idea, though.

Just_Me said...

Very cute :o) I needed a smile today, thank you.

clindsay said...

Nice! :-)

Margaret Yang said...

This rocks my world! I never forward anything, ever, and I had to break that ban to send a link to the site to ten people.

Heidi said...

I echo Margaret Yang. I never forward. I forwarded this link too.

I love your note.

Crimogenic said...

Very cool idea. Definitely worth forwarding.

Sprizouse said...

It's actually 53-46.

Not that I'm counting.