Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hell yes I'd buy one

I love this

I'm a devoted train rider but I'd love to have one of these at the ready for late nights home from the office when the A train is cranky, or late nights home from the opera when the 1 train is cranky or just plain old every single trip to LaGuardia!

I wonder how much they will cost! I guess I better sell some more books!


Marie Beausoleil said...

Oh, that backseat would be bad for people who get carsick! 0_o

The Unbreakable Child said...

haha, cute...I call these cars, happy cars, but seriously I wouldn't take a man 'seriously' if he pulled up in one to take me out on a date! Give me that ol' pick-em-up truck any day. Okay, Janet, my research shows these latest round of 'happys' will be rolling off the production line in 2010 to the happy tune of 18k!

ali said...

aw how freakin cute is that :) yay 2010!!

Elissa M said...

I'm all for anything that doesn't run on gas. Where I live, there is NO public transportation of any kind. Our village has a population of about 800 people, and you can walk everywhere, but the next closest town (where most jobs and shopping are) is 30 miles away. Traffic isn't bad, but a top speed of less than 55mph would be a problem. I'm impressed by all the alternative energy sources that keep popping up though, and I'm sure someone will develop something that will completely replace the internal combustion engine for good.