Friday, October 31, 2008

Have I mentioned Bill Cameron is amazing?

I really like the photo tour he put together for Chasing Smoke. I like it a LOT more than many of the book trailers I've seen out there.

The home town folks are noticing too! Here's a review of Chasing Smoke on the Portland Murder by the Book bookstore blog (hi Jill! hi Carolyn!) It has my favorite line from a review EVER:

If Chasing Smoke were a hard-boiled egg, it would be petrified.


Bill Peschel said...

I LOVE this idea and will steal it so fast it would make your head spin.

I especially like it because it's well put together, gives me a great feel for Portland and loads up easily on my dial-up.

Joyce said...

I love the slide show idea. I agree that it's better than a book trailer.

I met Bill at Bouchercon and he's a really nice guy. His book sounds great!

Margaret Yang said...

This is brilliant.